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Consumer Guide to Moving in

Washington State

The Utilities and Transportation Commission regulates household good moves in Washington.

Please pay close attention to the topic of Loss and Damage Liability. We are here to answer all your questions to help you understand the difference between Mover's Liability and Insurance.

Mover's Liability versus Insurance:

While mover’s liability does give you some protection for damages or losses, it is not the same thing as insurance. Talk to your insurance agent before hiring a mover to see if you need additional coverage.

Below you will find the Short Version of the Consumer Guide which is useful as a quick reference cheat sheet.

For the full version of the Consumers Guide, please follow this link to the WUTC official website where you will find detailed information about every topic regarding your move. Read this complete guide to make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities when hiring a moving company. You can also use their links to jump to the topic you need to know more about.

Short Version of Consumer Guide

2021-05 UTC Fact Sheet - Consumer Guide to Moving in Washington.pdf